Lambrecht's Personalized Wood Baseball Bats - Wood baseball bats made from White Ash or Hard Maple!

Lambrecht's Personalized Wood Baseball Bats - Wood baseball bats made from Minnesota grown white ash or hard maple!


Wood baseball bats are commonly made from Birch or Maple. The bats are finished in a clear, durable, hard finish. You can choose the desired wood and length. All birch and maple bats, including the souvenir bats, are made from split wood. The bats are generally a minus 2-3 of the length, however may vary from 1-5.
  • Hard Maple (when available) - a much harder and heavier wood. A finer and tighter grain. A more solid type of wood with more drawing power. The barrel usually has to be thinned down to keep the weight lighter.
  • Birch - this wood is being used by many of the major bat producers. Its used instead of maple because it averages about 1 ounce lighter than maple, has more flex and is more shatter resistant. It is very hard to distinguish the difference.

About Model Types

About Bat Cupping
Cupping is when some material at the end of the barrel is removed. This is done to lighten the bat and increase bat speed. It is generally 7/8 in deep and 2 inches in diameter at the large end of the bat which removes approximately 3/4 oz. of wood. We do not recommend cupping for youth bats.

Generally for Little League bats ages up to 6 years we recommend 28 inches, for 6 to 12 year olds 30 inch, and after 12 years depending on the size of the person a 31 to 34 inch. Little League bats weigh from 22 to 25 ounces.